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End Grain Balsa Core (Flexible and Uncoated)


End-Grain Balsa Wood Core: BALSASUD Core

Our end-grain balsa wood core material has remarkable physical properties, starting with its outstanding strength-to-weight ratios (high shear and compression strength).

Additionally, this structural balsa wood core material is easy to bond when using any type of resin or adhesive. Balsa core also serves as a natural insulator, fire retardant and noise reduction material. Working with balsa wood is easy, as it can handle changes in temperature and is highly chemical resistant (including styrene). Our balsa wood core can also come with the latest coating technologies to reduce resin absorption, increase bonding properties and protect it from environmental constraints.

All these advantages make our balsa wood an ideal core material in sandwich construction. Balsa wood is also an all-natural product and a renewable resource, coming 100% from Ecuador.

Our BALSASUD Core is of truly remarkable quality.

Standard sheet dimensions are: 24" x 48"

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