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CoreLite PET Foam Core (Rigid)


CoreLite's PET Foam Core: CoreLite PET

CoreLite PET is the next-generation foam core material. It is a cost-effective, closed-cell PET foam specially formulated to provide high mechanical properties. It is a 100% recyclable polymer foam with excellent performance. 

Main advantages of CoreLite PET are:

  • Remarkably higher mechanical properties when compared to other PET cores
  • Completely homogenous cell structure.
  • Exceptionally density consistent panel.
  • 100% recyclable material.
  • High temperature resistant and thermoformability.
  • Significant lower cost than other foam cores.

Engineered to meet the physical demands needed in high performance applications, including carrying static and dynamic loads. CoreLite PET can be used as a replacement for PVC and Honeycomb. It possesses excellent laminate-to-core bonding adhesion. 

Resistance to fatigue is superior, as well as its chemically stability and UV resistance. Water absorption is minimal. Our CoreLite PET can handle processing temperatures up to 150 °C (302 °F).
During high temperature processing it is thermally stable and no outgassing or expansion after post- cure occurs. In the event of fire, no toxic gases are generated. 

Standard sheet dimensions are: 24" x 48"

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